5th June 1949 - 26th March 2015

Jeannette Obstoj

It is with great sadness that we must share with you that Jeannette Obstoj passed away on Thursday 26th March 2015 after a short and sudden illness. Jeannette was an extraordinary talent, a lyricist, video-maker, poet, painter and graphic artist who wrote songs for Tina Turner, Wilson Phillips, The Fixx, Dusty Springfield and Rupert Hine amongst many others. Jeannette’s work was instrumental in shaping the artistic vision and direction of her collaborators and she leaves behind a body of work that expresses her humour, creativity and love as well as representing progressive and often challenging views and ideas.

In her formative years Jeannette had a passion for painting and produced numerous works expressing her extraordinary imagination, humour and love of animals before she morphed into a brilliant and prolific lyricist and film director/producer. Jeannette acted as Director/Co-Producer for Rupert Hine’s  "Surface Tension", "Misplaced Love", "The Setup". Thinkman’s "Best Adventures" and for The Fixx: "Less Cities More Moving People" "Stand Or Fall" "One Thing Leads To Another". Jeannette also created LP sleeve artwork for many of the band's she worked with often acting as artistic director.  

Jeannette’s creative impact and legacy span a number of decades and her loss is felt very greatly by all who have been touched by her life and work. (A website featuring tributes to Jeannette alongside multimedia content of her work is being created over the coming days.)

Geoff Jukes, Jeannette's partner

‘There Shines Our Promised Land’

Love makes us strong
don't close your eyes
you're not alone.
When you're out of control
I will guide you down,
I won't let you fall
Feed on my energy
You'll be amazed how brave we can be
I'll take the pain - I'll take the pain away.
I'll share your laughter.

Dream your first dream with me
thousands of light years from here -

Love makes us strong
open your mind,
we can do no wrong.
There are others who think
life is worth fighting for
til we win freedom.
There is a sanctuary, beyond this place, this universe
so far from our time, another frequency -
and one perfect reason.

Dream your first dream with me,
thousands of light years from here
we can go there
there shines our promised land
you'll smile in wonder.

There's light and there's water
pastures green and no hunger,
under another sun
and there's someone like you -
it's no strangers face
it's your reflection.

We can go there,
dream your first dream with me,
thousands of light years from here
we can go there.

There shines our promised land - we can go there
you'll smile in wonder - love makes us strong.

Lyrics composed by Jeannette Therese Obstoj

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